About me

I was born in March 1982 in Esfahan-Iran in an academic family. Fell in love with teaching and academia in childhood as my favorite times were in the university that my father used to teach and sometimes my mother’s high school classes.

My father was Farsi literature professor, so I was always surrounded by poems and novels and all the beautiful pearls of wisdom the Persian literature and culture has to offer.

I have started playing Tar and Se-Tar when I was about 14 years old and started to write short stories and poems about the same age.

As I was studying my mechanical engineering degree, I found computers and the way I could use them in manufacturing so interesting, so I’ve started to learn everything about ICT by myself, and then after graduating, I decided to continue my studies in IT management Master’s degree. In my Masters, I found out that instead of focusing on the use of IT in manufacturing I love the education technologies and that led me to my Ph.D. research. And here I am after all.

I love photography, and I also love cooking. So if you are anywhere near me, and you like to taste some traditional Iranian food, just come over.

You can find my papers and publications on SSRN website: SSRN publication list

ResearcherID: G-6833-2014

ORCID: 0000-0001-8294-6120


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